Fraser Island Creeks

Eli Creek, Fraser Island Qld

Crystal clear creeks and streams flow through the cool, shady forests and out into the sheltered waters of Hervey Bay on the western side of the island. Along the ocean shore, hundreds of streams punctuate the smooth, sandy beach. But of all the creeks and streams on Fraser, two stand out as exceptional.

Wanggoolba Creek at Central Station flows silently over white sand along the floor of a thick rainforest. A major port of call for visitors, Wanggoolba's creekside walkways pass the angiopteris ferns, an ancient species boasting the largest single fern fronds in the world.

Eli Creek on the eastern side of the island, is the largest of the freshwater streams flowing into the ocean. Eli is popular with visitors and walkways allow you to appreciate its beauty. Stop for a while and spot the kingfishers as they dart amongst the pandanus and casuarinas.