Fraser Island Flora

The Plants & Trees of Fraser Island

Fraser Island Rainforest

One of the most remarkable features of Fraser Island is its vegetation. A large variety of different types covers most of the island.

Most obvious are the mangrove forests on the West side of Fraser Island, the scrub in the North and South and the Rainforest in the middle.

As sand by itself contains hardly any nutrients, the vegetation on Fraser Island, especially on the dunes near the coast, has to obtain its nutrients from the rain and sea spray.

Salt tolerant species grow well on these dunes and gradually enrich the soil on which they grow. More inland the dunes become older and already have layers of nutrient deposited by the more salt tolerant species long ago. Bigger trees and more dense scrub develops and the in turn enriches the soil even more. Therefore, in the centre of Fraser Island the richest layers exist and it is here that majestic, lush subtropical rainforest grows. In the valleys, protected by the high central dunes and with an abundance of fresh water, these amazing rainforests have become a rare example of nature’s ability to adapt to the most unusual circumstances.

Fraser Island's Plant Species

Species found on Fraser Island include beach Spinifex, she-oaks and Pandanus along the foredunes, Eucalyptus, acacias, some beautiful scribbly gums a bit more inland and satinay (also known as the Fraser Island turpentine), kauri pine and brush box along with a variety of vines, palms and ferns in the rainforest areas.

A very rare and beautiful species found on Fraser Island is the angiopteris fern, sporting the largest fronds of any fern in the world and believed to be tens of millions of years old, it offers a stunning beautiful sight along Wanggoolba Creek, one of the more popular spots on Fraser Island.

All in total there are about 800 species of plant life on Fraser Island. Some of them only grow on Fraser Island and are found nowhere else.

One of these rare plants is the pink colored Drosera Lovellae, which is a carnivorous Sundew and the biggest one of them all and only grows on Fraser Island.

Fraser Island has been very lucky in so far as it only has a few non-native species of plants so far.