Fraser Island Southern Beaches

The southern part of Fraser Island consists of several different sections. At the most southern tip of Fraser Island is Hook Point, only 500 meters of water keeps it from being connected to the main land. Here a couple of vehicle barges ferry 4WD vehicles and their passengers from the mainland at Inskip Point to Fraser Island and back. From Hook Point the vehicles make their way over seventy five mile beach further onto the Island. However since at high tide and after storms the beach sometimes is impassable, there is also an old road from the times of the sandmining operations, which is being used as a backup. Although it is in a very poor condition. There are no settlements or any other human activity at the south end of Fraser Island.

The first you'll encounter while making your way up from Hook point will be Dilli Village. The name Village is a bit misleading as there is nothing more than a campground at the site, albeit with some cabins and amenities.
A short distance from the beach a large swamp area runs parallel along the coast starting at Hook Point up to Dilli Village.

On the west coast of southern Fraser Island the shore is lined with a bit of mangrove, some small swamp areas. A bit inland goes the Southern Road which runs all the way from hook Point to the South White Cliffs, where it joins another track running to Wanggoolba Creek landing place. Here the barges to and from River Heads (just out of Hervey Bay) have a channel, dredged to the shore, to use as a landing place. Fraser Island is renowned for its natural beauty but the south is relatively poor in natural splendor.

But as it attracts only few visitors, the quiet tranquillity adds is own value to the surroundings. Also the south has a lot of history. Travelling south from Wanggoolba Creek, you'll first encounter Ungowa. This is where in right up till the end of the logging on Fraser Island the forestry headquarters were located. A condemned jetty is still there. A bit further South is Deep Creek. Here are the remains of one of the old loggings ramps on Fraser Island. Further South again is Garrys Anchorage. A nice and quiet campground without much in the way of facilities is the last stop before the "road" ends and changes into a not too frequently maintained track to Hook Point.
There are no high dunes or any significant lakes on the south part of Fraser Island, nor any rainforest. Most of the inland area is scrub.