The Whales near Fraser Island

Hervey Bay and Fraser Island are now one of the worlds premier location for whale watching. Come and see these majestic giants on their annual migration, as they call into Platypus Bay for their resting time and to recoup their energy and to allow for their young to gather strength for the return journey south, to there feeding grounds. Get close and personal with these incredible mammals. We have listed all boats that operate out of Hervey Bay, offering the best deals possible for a date with these giants gentle creatures

The warm shallow waters of Fraser Island and Hervey Bay are sheltered from any ocean swell by Fraser Island, the largest sand island in the world and offers lake-like conditions. Here, you and your entire family can enjoy one of the greatest spectacles on earth, the Humpback Whales, as they rest and play for a few days, before continuing their annual migration of some 16000km to Antarctica. These magnificent animals are regarded as the most acrobatic of all the big whales. Just imagine, a Humpback whale, weighing some 45,000kg or an equivalent of 11 elephants, that, with a few flicks of its tail, can propel itself almost totally out of the water. Or you can watch them, swimming towards your vessel to almost within touching distance, gently and carefully checking you out for their spot of "people watching". Or are they posing for your cameras?