Fraser Island Dingo

The Wildlife on Fraser Island

The Wildlife on Fraser Island isn't as diverse as on the mainland, but it does have some rare species and of course the famous dingo's. There are only 23 species of native animals on Fraser Island. As most of them are nocturnal, they won't be seen by the average visitor.

Fraser Island is famous for its pure breed of Dingo's. The dingo's on Fraser Island are believed to be the purest strain in the world. They are most likely descendant from the Indian wolves. Their scientific name is Canis Lupus Dingo and they are common throughout Southeast Asia.

They arrived in Australia only about 3000 years ago and spread quickly all over Australia, including Fraser Island.

Unfortunately people sometimes feed the wild animals, which as a result can lead to aggressive behaviour by the dingo in its attempt to get more. Especially children on Fraser Island need to be accompanied by adult at all times.

Besides dingos, Fraser Island also is home to the reduced limb skink, which is unique to Fraser Island. Commonly known as a "sand swimmer", it is quite common to Fraser Island.

An animal very often seen is the goanna (Lace Monitor). Seen frequently around the resorts and places like Lake McKenzie.

Apart from native animals, Fraser Island also has some imported animals like the brumbies. Brought to the Island in the 1870s for breeding and for use in the timber cutting, some of them broke free and started to roam Fraser Island. Although Fraser Island is not exactly a great place for horses as there is only very limited grass, their number increased to around 2000. Later their numbers declined again and the remaining were removed or culled. However some escaped this fate and today there are still some left, mostly seen around the Orchid Beach and Indian Head area.

Birds are a way more common wildlife on Fraser Island with more than 230 species being recorded.

Some species are quite rare and they include the peregrine falcon and the swamp parrot.

Also the number of species of reptiles is impressive. About 50 species have been discovered. Most common the lace monitors and carpet snakes.

Not really on Fraser Island but in the surrounding seas, whales, dolphins and dugongs are among the many species of sea creatures living in the area.